23 things that are more fun than renovating


You’ve heard me say it before, but undertaking a renovation or large building project (or sometimes even a small one) can be stressful. So I thought I’d put together a list of activities that are more fun than renovating just to, you know, take your mind off things.


  1. Stubbing your toe
  2. Getting a paper cut
  3. Coming back to your car to discover that you have a parking ticket
  4. Doing all your supermarket shopping and then realising, when you get to the checkout, that you don’t have your wallet
  5. Taking your car for a service and being told that you need a flugenhinken valve. And it will be $1200.
  6. Sitting through Phantom of the Opera
  7. Making a cake and discovering that you used plain flour instead of self-raising
  8. Getting your moustache waxed
  9. Getting anything waxed
  10. Breaking down in the tunnel on the freeway at 4pm on a Friday afternoon
  11. Cracking an egg and finding out it’s rotten
  12. Flipping an omelette and turning it into scrambled eggs on the way over
  13. Eating a spoonful of fruit yoghurt and realising that it’s actually tzatziki
  14. Making a cup of tea when there’s no milk in the fridge
  15. Leaving your phone charger in the hotel
  16. Getting dressed in your favourite outfit and having your husband tell you, “you look comfortable”
  17. Paying $3.50 for a “bliss ball”
  18. Missing an episode of Selling Houses Australia
  19. Getting locked out of the house
  20. Leaving your favourite pan on the stove for five hours and burning it dry
  21. Cleaning out the cat litter tray
  22. Running out of tonic water when you feel like a G&T. And gin
  23. Planning your next renovation, because you know it’s all going to be worth it in the end


What do you think might be more fun than a renovation?


  • Emily M Morgan

    Number 13 I completely agree with. Nothing worse. I thought I was eating egg salad at my auntie’s house, only to find out it was hummus. Who would willingly eat hummus? Not me.

    I hope your reno goes smoothly from here on in and very quickly becomes a past event which you can look back on while enjoying the results!

    Found you on #IBOT 🙂


      Hi Emily – thanks for visiting. We are actually builders – so continually live through our customers’ renovations, not my own (I’m not sure which is worse!!). Not having expectations met around food can be very disconcerting indeed!! Cheers, alix

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connection

    So am I gathering you are not in the mood to discuss renovating – lol. I had missing the tonic when my Gin is calling. And I often start off with an omelette and end up with scrambled.


      Ha ha – no, I’m always up for talking renovating – just mixing it up from my usually practical posts! I have developed a taste for scrambled eggs rather than omelettes. Not having tonic without the gin though!!

  • kit@lifethroughthehaze

    Having a baby!

  • lisa

    haha are bliss balls only $3.50 where you live? We have lived through 3 renovations & I have completed about 2/3 of your list….must be another reno in me yet!


      Ha – you’re right, they’re probably more but my hands froze up even typing those kind of prices. I need to whip up another batch of my own tonight. With 3 renos under your belt you must be a total pro! But yeah, you’ve got another one in you!! Thanks for visiting! Cheers, a

  • Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    I totally think scraping out soggy WeetBix could be up there!

  • Renee Wilson

    Lol. Yep, the ol renovations sure can be a little stressful. I’m not sure I’d rush into another one. Great list 🙂

  • Janet aka Middle Aged Mama

    When I saw the title of this post, I thought, ANYTHING is more fun that renovating! And sure enough you proved me right. At least there is (usually) a happy ending (eventually!) to renovating. Oh, and if you want to make cleaning the cat litter tray more fun, be sure to check out this post: LOL …

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x


      Oh yes – I forgot to include cleaning the cat litter tray in that list! When you’re renovating you really need to keep your eyes on that light at the end of the tunnel!!

  • Tash @ Home of Marble and Mint

    Oh, I loved this list and giggled a little too much I think! Yep, on a bad day, they’re all more fun than renovating (I’d even add cleaning up kid’s vomit!), but I still LOVE renovating 🙂


      Thanks Tash. I’ll add cleaning up kid’s vomit (for me it’s the cat’s vomit) for next time! Glad to hear you still love renovating!!

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