Think outside the box – how to get the right storage

If you’re about to undertake a home renovation, then chances are you’re also about to invest in a professional secure storage unit. We spoke with the team at the Kent Relocation Group about how to get the most out of storage while you’re working on your renovation. 

Investing in secure storage allows you to completely clear out your home (so your builder doesn’t have to work around random pieces of furniture or moving boxes!), and rest easy knowing that your belongings are in a safe place. Once that worry is out of your mind, you can turn your full attention to the job at hand; building your dream home.


Why isn’t the builder here yet?

At the start of the year, there are lots of customers who are keen to get started on their building job – but it’s not quite as easy as pressing the big green go button. Here at Builderette HQ we hear a lot of site stories from JD (before, during and after projects that he’s been working on). Many of the before stories centre around customers wondering why his crew can’t start straight away or at the very least give a firm date on when they’ll begin the job.


Renovate for the life you live

Houzz recently ran a listicle about avoiding design mistakes. It was a bunch of great suggestions on every aspect of design and renovation from Houzz readers and contributors and I especially liked this one: “Never renovate aspirationally. If your family isn’t crowded around the kitchen table now playing games, they won’t suddenly do it (more than once) in a new game room. If you don’t have company now in your ‘humble home,’ odds are you won’t suddenly have friends who want to visit your fancier one. You will be just as much of a slob in a nice space as in your current one. Renovations change little that is wrong with us or our relationships.”

7 things you can do today to love your home

If you’re anything like me you’ve got a long list of things you’d like to do to your house one day. These could be anything from replacing the carpet (I didn’t get the right underlay and it irritates me every day) to renovating the kitchen to adding a second storey. These are all great changes, but they can get pretty exxy and sometimes those big changes just have to stay in the “one day” pile for now. However, there are definitely some simple things you can do this weekend to help you love your home in the present, which after all, is where you’re living.

lovely links

Lovely links


Hello world! Summer lingers on in Sydney – as does the humidity. I’m sure it’s even stickier in Brisbane! I’ve been trying to keep cool and here are some lovely links from this week’s internet trawling.


How to add personality to a white kitchen. Plus, the fabulous Emily Henderson is coming to Australia!


This fan makes me think of sipping on a G&T (for the malaria!) in the tropics.


Very cool modular terrace housing in Manchester.


Can’t wait to see this film.


lovely links

7 lovely links

How has your week been? We survived a hot couple of days in Sydney, but luckily (ha!) the air conditioning in my office is always a balmy 18C so I was dressed for winter as usual. Here are some pretties I discovered around the web this week.


I’m loving Jenna Sue’s ideas for her bathroom makeover, but is this the bathroom equivalent of getting your hair braided while you’re on holiday? I’m not sure.


Dang, Target USA has some great homewares!


I’ve been enjoying this Insta account lately.


5 things I learned at architecture school and 1 big thing I didn’t

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be an architect. As a teenager I spent hours designing houses, drawing plans on graph paper and dreaming about the practice I would have one day (I also thought I’d be married by the age of 25!).


There is something so magical about well-designed spaces – I’m talking the bones of a place here, not the dressing that comes afterwards – and I wanted to be a part of that. Unfortunately, life didn’t turn out that way but here are 5 really awesome things I learned while I was studying for my architecture degree.

The worst four-letter word in building

The days of the building industry being full of four letter words and pictures of semi-naked women are long gone (on our sites anyway, it’s simply not acceptable), but there’s one four-letter that our customers like to use a lot and it can really end up getting them in trouble. It’s quite often accompanied by a hand gesture as well.


Can you guess what it is?


The four letter word that JD really doesn’t like to hear is “just”. And the obscene hand gesture that often goes with it is a finger pointing at a wall (or window or kitchen).

lovely links

7 lovely links


I know. The last couple of posts have been pretty dry – what can I say, building is serious stuff sometimes! Sure, throw rugs and cushions are great fun but you’ve got to get through the approvals and the dirty work first!


So, here’s some pretty things to remind you of why you’re planning that next building project – and a few other things as well.


Loved this post about granny flats. Peter Stutchbury is amazing.


This cute couple have called in the professionals to finish off their staged renovation of an old house. Plus, puppies!


Why you should think at least twice about becoming an owner-builder

I was reading a renovating forum recently and the topic was owner-builders – the pros and cons. The original poster wrote, “Hey there, I did my recent renovation/extension as an owner builder, and all I got was “you will regret it” type comments from friends and families. As it turned out, we had a good experience – yes there were some issues – but the feeling of control over what happened throughout the job was great. I’ve had friends who have employed builders for their jobs and still had problems! What have other people experienced?”