What are the benefits of becoming a 5to50 Franchisee? We're glad you asked. 

Imagine if, instead of getting your invoices out at 11pm, 3 months after a job finished, you had a system that let you easily invoice on a Friday afternoon as soon as you left the site.

Imagine if, instead of waiting weeks to get paid, while the subbies’ bills mounted up and you watched your bank account getting smaller, your invoices clearly stated that payment was required within 7 days or work would stop.

Imagine if, instead of taking out expensive ads in the local paper and hoping people would know the difference between you and the guy in the ad below you, leads came to you all the time - for jobs in your area and the type of work you want to do.

Imagine if, instead of just charging your hourly rate, you had a system that would multiply your earnings and make getting out of bed really worthwhile, instead of a total drag.


Stop dreaming and take action now by contacting 5to50 about franchise opportunities in your area. With 20 years experience in the residential building industry under his tool belt and first-hand knowledge of just how hard it is to make a go of it - even when there’s plenty of work around, 5to50 founder John Davis has created a franchise that’s designed to help builders become successful business people. We stopped imagining and did something about it


We couldn’t find any software that worked for small building jobs - we wrestled with Excel, tried various different companies (some here, some in the US) and nothing worked. So eventually we created our own unique software - Buildermate - that makes tracking leads and managing jobs easy - you can invoice from within the system, it’s all cloud-based (which means you can use it from anywhere) and it’s super easy to use (we like sorting out building problems, not mucking about with computers). Which means you can easily send an invoice from your laptop or tablet while you’re sitting in your ute having just finished on site on a Friday afternoon. And then spend the evening with your partner, instead of battling it out with the computer.

We know exactly how frustrating it can be waiting for invoices to get paid while you continue working - essentially for free. People in office jobs don’t have to ask three times (or more) to get paid, but we do and we know how hard it can be. With the smaller jobs that 5to50 focusses on (generally between $5000 and $250,000) Buildermate software makes it easy to invoice weekly and if it’s not paid within a week - work stops.

The power of brand means that people recognise 5to50 and what we offer. That means we have leads. Lots of leads. Did we tell you have lots of leads? As part of 5to50 you’ll be able to come home, logon to Buildermate and find more leads! It’s often that simple. Sure, not all of them turn into jobs (and frankly, there are some we don’t want to do, and we’ll teach you how to identify those ones) but it shows that there’s an awful lot of work out there for people who want to join our brand.

Sure, you’re probably charging a decent hourly rate, but we know you could be making so much more - and we don’t mean by working extra hours. We want you to work smarter and understand the power of margin and cashflow so that you can turn your building gig into an efficient, money-making small business.


If you’d like to find out more about becoming part of the 5to50 Network and taking advantage of benefits like

  • A respected and known brand that opens doors
  • Our own Job Management system - Buildermate
  • Regular business meetings
  • Ongoing training is selling, estimating and products
  • Ongoing Social media activity
  • Leads - (did we tell you we get lots of leads?) from our 24/7 call centre
  • A network of like minded builders
  • Leverage with product suppliers (that’s JD’s job)
  • A founder who is a builder and wants every franchisee to succeed

then call John Davis on 0414 939 100 today to talk about attending an information session or receiving an info pack.


Buying a franchise isn’t for everyone and there are a number of boxes to tick before you join our network, but we’re confident that becoming a 5to50 franchisee will help take your building business to the next level.


We’re not promising to get you off the tools, (but for some that is definitely possible) or that you’ll be spending Tuesday afternoons on your jet ski rather than on site - what we are promising is that we are passionate about helping small residential builders get ahead. This is a tough gig and we believe we can all benefit by working together - while still enjoying the independence of running your own business (hey, take Tuesday arvos off if that works for you).


Start the process and in just 4-8 weeks you could be enjoying the benefits of being part of the 5to50 Network. Call John today on 0414 939 100 or send us an email at hello@5to50.com.au