What skills or trade do I need to have to become a 5to50 franchisee?

To become a 5to50 franchisee you will need to be a licensed builder and be eligible to have Home Owners Warranty Insurance and a passion for working with customers on a wide variety of small building jobs that cost between $5000 and $250,000. 

Where do leads come from?  

That's the power of our brand! Leads for franchisees are generated by 5to50 Head Office. Our 1300 00 5250 number is answered by a 24/7 call centre that receives phone enquiries as well as our dedicated email address. Leads are allocated to franchisees according to territory via our own, unique software, Buildermate. You could come home each day, logon to the system and find leads waiting for you - that's a lot easier than trying to chase up business by yourself. 

How much do I charge?

As a 5to50 Franchisee, you are running your own business and we do not have set hourly or job rates. However, we can recommend rates for labour and particular jobs that we are regularly asked to undertake. We also work with you on how best to estimate jobs, and which jobs you don't want to take. Working with you to maximise your business is what we're all about - not teaching you how to build. 

Do customers pay their invoices to me or to 5to50 head office?

Customers are invoiced by and make payment to you, the 5to50 Franchisee. Invoices are generated by our proprietary ‘Buildermate’ software system, that you will be extensively trained on. You are running your own business and are responsible for all aspects of that - but we're here to help and to make sure you're running a successful small business. 

Do I have to buy supplies through 5to50?

We do not require require you to purchase any materials or supplies through specific suppliers, however 5to50 is constantly negotiating with suppliers for better purchase rates on your behalf. One of the benefits of being part of the 5to50 network is that we have leverage with suppliers - any benefit we get from that will be passed onto you. 

What happens when I want to go on holidays?

Your 5to50 Franchise is your business and you can take holidays as and when you like. While you are away, we will allocate leads from your territory to the closest available Franchisee. Those leads will revert to you when you return. The franchise fee is still payable while you are on holiday. Have fun and send us a postcard!

What happens if I have questions about a job?

We are always here to answer any building or estimating questions you may have. We want you to be able to provide customers with accurate estimates and are happy to help you achieve that and build your confidence in quoting. Remember, we're builders too - founder John Davis has been in the building industry - as a mature-age carpenter and then a licensed builder - for 24 years, and has worked on everything from replacing windows to building mulit-million dollar homes and is available to answer questions. Also, being part of the network means you can talk to fellow builders about everything from new products to, ah, interesting customers.