Joining a franchise is detailed process as we get to know each other and decide that we want to work together. From your initial inquiry, the process will take between 6 and 12 weeks - here's what needs to happen before we can really get into it with training on our Buildermate software, stationery, vehicle signage and uniforms. We establish local marketing initiatives in your territory and work with you to continually expand your database. Our franchise system includes one-on-one time to help you get a firm grip on the 5to50 way. Our success depends on you, so we are always motivated to help you succeed.




Initial Face to face meeting - 'get to know each other'

Fill in and return the ‘Snap & Send’ inquiry form

Provide information statement to potential inquiry

Undertake research into franchising business model

Sign confidentiality agreement and have full presentation on the 5to50 business model

Attend a 2 hour presentation at 5to50 offices. Welcome to spouse or other support persons

Information request and payment of deposit submitted to 5to50

Potential Franchisee now considered an applicant and  undertakes due diligence on Franchisor

Review  Operations Manual, Workflow Software and Franchise Agreement

In house review of all information with support persons if desired

Personality Assessment completed by potential franchisee

Applicant to submit 45 minute on-line personality test

Final Interview

Meeting to discuss and agree terms and conditions

Offer of franchise territory

Agree territory

Prepare franchise Agreements for signing

Sign contracts and pay franchise territory  fee

Training & Set up

2 weeks training and set up as per Operations Manual


Contact us today by email at or call us on 1300 00 5250 to discuss joining the 5to50 Network of licensed builders who love small building jobs.