We are looking for honest, reliable licensed builders who enjoy working on smaller building jobs. Our definition of a small job is anything from $5,000 to $250,000 - you could be spending a day or two replacing doors and windows or a couple of months working on a small renovation. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service so as well as being a skilled tradesman you’ll be courteous and tidy.

You may already be running your own building business but are sick of doing everything by yourself or you might be working for someone else and feel ready to go out on your own, but would like the support of a larger organisation. Either way, 5to50 will be able to guide you in reducing the risks and raising the rewards of working in the residential building industry.

We know how tough it can be working by yourself and that's one of the reasons we built 5to50 - to help builders create successful small businesses. We won't be teaching you how to build - you're already great at that, but we will be providing support in the form of leads, software, invoicing and more. The aim is that you'll spend less time battling with the computer late at night and more time maximising your profits.