scope of works

Is your scope of works in your finger?

I have pretty awesome fingers. They’re long, a bit calloused and I use them on a regular basis to do all sorts of things like cook, sew, pat the cat and type. One thing my fingers cannot do however, is house an entire scope of works (can’t play piano either but that’s a story for another time). As a builder who visits the homes of many, many people wishing to start a building project or renovation, JD meets an awful lot of people who, rather than writing down what they would like to achieve, choose to point at things with their fingers. This is not a great way to start, or manage, a building job.

The more detail you can provide the builder about your job (what tiles are you using, are the doors solid or hollow, are you moving the bathroom or retiling it) the more chance you have of it running on time and on budget. This is known as a scope of works – it’s what the builder uses to cost the job and to work out what tradesmen he needs when and for how long. If your scope of works is in your finger – as you point to various projects around the house – it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible – for the builder to get a firm grip on exactly what you want and how much it’s going to cost.

You’ll initially start with some ideas about what you want to do to your house – let’s say it’s a kitchen renovation – and your scope of works will become more specific as you fill in the details of the job. If you’re serious about sticking to your budget, it’s important that once your scope of works is set, you stick to it. I’m sure you’ve got great fingers, but don’t use them as your scope of works – they’re not that good! An experienced, knowledgeable builder will be happy to help you tighten up your scope of works to ensure that nothing has been forgotten.

Do you have a scope of works for your renovation? Are you good at sticking to decisions?
What magic can you weave with your fingers?

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