Easter projects? Hop into it!


The Easter long weekend is my favourite weekend of the year – four whole days off work and no pressure to host big lunches or spend time with family. I love getting projects done over Easter – cooking, sewing and jobs around the house. Here are three awesome projects, that don’t take too much planning that you could get done this Easter long weekend and that would really make a big impact on your home.


Repaint the grout

The reverse curve of happiness

I stumbled across this blog post while trawling the interweb recently and it made me smile (in a pained kind of way). You see, it’s the customer’s version of what JD likes to call The Reverse Curve of Happiness (henceforth known as TRCH).


TRCH is easily represented on an XY axis where X represents time and Y represents happiness and the cosin is oh, never mind, I was hopeless at calculus at school and TRCH is really simple to understand without any maths at all. Think of an upside-down bell curve.


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Why doing it yourself might not save you money

If you’re looking to do a renovation or building project, at some stage in the process I bet you’ll think to yourself, “Hmmm, where can I save some money?” You might read a few magazines, watch a few renovating shows on TV and then think, “I know! I’ll do some of the work myself!”