7 things you can do today to love your home

If you’re anything like me you’ve got a long list of things you’d like to do to your house one day. These could be anything from replacing the carpet (I didn’t get the right underlay and it irritates me every day) to renovating the kitchen to adding a second storey. These are all great changes, but they can get pretty exxy and sometimes those big changes just have to stay in the “one day” pile for now. However, there are definitely some simple things you can do this weekend to help you love your home in the present, which after all, is where you’re living.

kitchen benchtops

7 kitchen benchtops that I think are tops!

When I was growing up, kitchen benchtops came in one variety – Laminex. If you were fancy you had bull-nosed edges (we didn’t) and if your house was from the 50s it probably had a groovy metal edge to it. Oh, those were simple times! These days there are a ton of kitchen bench materials to choose from across every price point and application. Here are seven to consider.



How to decide: renovate or relocate?

JD‘s always talking to people about their renovations and whether it’s worth their while to go ahead. “We can’t decide whether to renovate or sell,” they say, juggling home magazines and real estate websites. Recently, he was talking to some customers who wanted to replace a couple of doors. By the time he’d spent an hour with them, it turned out they wanted to change more than a few doors.


The do’s and don’ts of home renovations

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