What makes a good apprentice?

The building trade is one that’s based on the concept of apprenticeships and it’s a concept we fully support, having had numerous apprentices work with us over the past 20 years. Most apprentices come to us straight out of school but you can also join a trade as a mature-age student, which is what JD did. Sitting in a classroom full of 18 year olds was a bit of a shock to him after 10+ years in the corporate world!


we love small building jobs

Why we love small building jobs


When I first met JD about seven years ago, as a residential builder he was focussing on larger renovations and the occasional new, luxury home. Saw the movie, got the t-shirt. Now, our focus is on small building jobs and here’s why:


We like helping people

It’s true – JD really likes helping people come up with building solutions that are within their budget and that will add value to their lifestyle and/or their home. The solution to your problem may not be a big, expensive renovation, but that’s what a lot of builders prefer to work on. We like the smaller stuff.