taking stock

Taking stock

I found this fabulous list over at The Plumbette recently (and I think I saw one on Woogs World too) and really loved it. I figured that Christmas Eve was an appropriate time to post something like this and plan on doing it regularly in 2016.

Making : an effort to get this new blog venture up and running.

Cooking : lots of Christmas treats including ridiculous amounts of caramel popcorn that I now eat for breakfast. #unneccessary

Drinking : more Diet Coke than is good for me along with lots of lovely Christmas bubbles.

Reading: lots of fabulous blogs on all sorts of subjects – building and renovation being the main one.

Wanting: more of those Vegemite bagel crisps. #stupidlygood

Looking: for ways to engage with women who are interested in renovating.

Playing: with my cat, Potato. Which is pretty much me poking him while he’s trying to sleep. #goodtimes

Deciding: what I want to achieve in 2016.

Wishing: that there was not a direct correlation between the amount of caramel popcorn I eat and the tightness of my pants.

Enjoying: morning swims at the beach.

Waiting: for the next Jason Bourne movie to come out.

Liking: doing lots of Christmas baking.

Wondering: why humans are not so nice sometimes.

Loving: my husband.

Pondering: ways to be more efficient.

Considering: running away to join the circus.

Buying: less than I used to.

Watching: House of Cards Series 3 – less murder but still plenty of machinations.

Hoping: that it’s not too wet on Christmas Day.

Marvelling: at the good old-fashioned Illusionists we saw the other night. It really was magic.

Cringing: whenever I see Donald Trump.

Needing: a hug at the end of a challenging year.

Questioning: how much it costs to park in the city.

Smelling: the star jasmine on summer mornings.

Wearing: my new blue suede brogue-sneakers. And loving them.

Following: my nose to our favourite Thai restaurant.

Noticing: the good things rather than the bad things.

Knowing: that I feel better when I eat well.

Thinking: about how to add value wherever I can.

Admiring: all the women out there who create amazing blogs every day. I’m late to the party, but loving it.

Sorting: out my wardrobe and donating clothes. Even if they’re good, if I’m not wearing them, they’re no good to me.

Getting: a move on.

Bookmarking: future sewing projects and recipes I’ll cook one day.

Coveting: some new stools for our kitchen bench.

Disliking: the fact that I have really let exercise fall off the radar this year.

Opening: a bottle of those Christmas bubbles I mentioned before.

Giggling: at my husband’s ability to lose keys without the slightest bit of effort. It’s a talent!

Feeling: excited about what 2016 holds for us.

Snacking: on hummus and carrot sticks caramel popcorn.

Helping: my sister get settled in her new house.

Hearing: the cat miaow at 4.30am because he’s decided that’s when breakfast should be served.

Have you taken stock lately? Which of these items really strikes a chord with you? Do you have a caramel popcorn problem like I do?


  • Judi

    Love this Alix!
    Good time of year to reflect, especially after the xmas build up!

    • alix@thebuilderette.com

      Thank Judi – yes, good to actually take some time and put a few things down on paper.

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