taking stock

Taking stock in January 2016

One month into the new year and here’s my first taking stock post – a change from my usual Saturday links. How are you finding 2016?


Making : two great tops that I really love.

Cooking : grain-free bread that is great with avocado. Unfortunately there is now an avocado shortage.

Drinking : Bitter lemon cordial with mineral water.

Reading: F. Scott Fitzgerald and tales of life on the French Riviera in the 20s.

Wanting: resolution

Looking: at houses on the internet.

Playing: Rudimental on Pandora. I know, I’m so 2015..

Deciding: to refresh my recently culled wardrobe.

Wishing: that every month could be like January.

Enjoying: cooking dinner at home.

Waiting: for it to be almost Easter so I can eat hot cross buns without it seeming obscene.

Liking: summer mornings.

Wondering: how I can be a better person.

Loving: Tasmanian cherries.

Pondering: what I will be when I grow up.

Considering: what to read next.

Buying: Tasmanian cherries and avocados when I can.

Watching: Wentworth – the Freak is truly horrendous.

Hoping: that it doesn’t rain this weekend. Or maybe hoping that it does so I can stay inside and sew without guilt.

Marvelling: at how much time it’s possible to waste on FB..

Cringing: at Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

Needing: to watch less crap TV – only the good stuff from now on.

Questioning: why some people die too young..

Smelling: the mint I’ve managed to keep alive for almost a month now #miracle.

Wearing: a fab pair of black pants from Cos.

Following: too many people on Instagram.

Noticing: that I always feel better when I move more #der.

Knowing: that everything will be OK.

Thinking: about what to cook for dinner.

Admiring: people who make a difference.

Sorting: the wheat from the chaff.

Getting: wiser as well as older – hopefully.

Bookmarking: complicated government websites about building approvals.

Coveting: fabric, always fabric.

Disliking: the state of our garage #toomanythings.

Opening: my mind to other options.

Giggling: at my husband when he’s in a crazy mood in the mornings.

Feeling: a little flat to be honest.

Snacking: pistachios in the shell.

Helping: myself to more pistachios.

Hearing: the kookaburras just before sunrise.

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