rubbish removal

The unexpected romance of rubbish removal

Not long after JD and I started seeing each other, he told me had something special planned for a Saturday morning. He’s not one for hugely romantic gestures so I was excited by the thought of breakfast at a new cafe or perhaps a morning massage followed by lunch by th eocean? No chance. He told me to put on my Blunnies and hop in the 3-tonne tipper – we were off to the tip!


23 things that are more fun than renovating


You’ve heard me say it before, but undertaking a renovation or large building project (or sometimes even a small one) can be stressful. So I thought I’d put together a list of activities that are more fun than renovating just to, you know, take your mind off things.


  1. Stubbing your toe
  2. Getting a paper cut
  3. Coming back to your car to discover that you have a parking ticket
  4. Doing all your supermarket shopping and then realising, when you get to the checkout, that you don’t have your wallet
rental property

5 simple ways to renovate a rental property

If you live in one of Australia’s capital cities you’ve probably noticed that real estate has been a little out of control lately (Sydney, I’m looking at you!). Prices have gone through the roof and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get onto that first rung of the property ladder unless you’ve got generous parents or win the lottery (if you’re looking in Sydney you’ll probably need both!). Which leaves you with staying at home (not my bag and not an option for a lot of people) or renting.



Easter projects? Hop into it!


The Easter long weekend is my favourite weekend of the year – four whole days off work and no pressure to host big lunches or spend time with family. I love getting projects done over Easter – cooking, sewing and jobs around the house. Here are three awesome projects, that don’t take too much planning that you could get done this Easter long weekend and that would really make a big impact on your home.


Repaint the grout


It's time we had a serious talk


Warning: please be aware that this post discusses depression and suicide


I wasn’t expecting this. Sitting up in bed last Saturday morning with a cup of tea and a freshly buttered hot cross bun, I was flicking through the paper when I came across the lead story in Good Weekend (the magazine insert). It was about the tragically high suicide rate among tradesmen in Australia. Every second day, a Australian tradie commits suicide and they are six times more likely to die by their own hand than through a workplace accident. I turned to my own tradie – enjoying his morning coffee – and gave him a big hug.

taking stock

Taking stock

Making : some decisions about what’s happening next.

Cooking : flourless orange and almond cake and loving it.

Drinking : the house white at the Jetty Bar on a hot evening.

Reading: a bit of semi sci-fi aka the Brilliance series.

Wanting: amazing leather armchairs from Barnaby Lane

Looking: for some black raw silk to make a top with.

Playing: Rat a Tat Cat with my niece.

Deciding: that I don’t want to watch any more crap TV.

Wishing: that I didn’t like hot cross buns so much.

Enjoying: sewing.

7 lovely links

How’s your week been? I was lucky enough to have a couple of fabulous meals out and am currently visiting family in Tasmania – so much fresh air and good food. Not to mention the joy of staying at Coast House.


Here’s what I’m loving this week.


Wallpaper and fabric heaven. Make sure you look at everything!


Pulled pork in the oven. I’ll be skipping the liquid smoke though.


Has the architect blown your budget? Read this.


Gorgeous pre-fab house in fabulous Palm Springs. Want.

Hey, lady tradie, why so mean?

Driving around town last week (we may even have been on our way to the tip for a little pre-Valentines Day romance!) I noticed a twin cab ute that belonged to a lady tradie. It was all painted up with her signage and her tagline was “No bumcrack. No BO. No BS.”


At first I was all “yeah, right on, sing it sistah!” and then I thought about it a bit more. Women in trades are few and far between and have they have to work extra hard to make it through their time and get respect. Is the best way to celebrate this really by indulging in reverse sexism?

lovely links

7 lovely links

Hello! How was your week? I missed my Thursday post – too much going on! Back to regular programming next week.


This house is almost 20 years old but I think the design is timeless.


Did you see the new Caesarstone colour that was released recently. #want


Have you met Daniel? He’s renovating an old house in the Hudson Valley and it is divine. He’s a very funny writer, too.


I went to uni with these guys and they are doing amazing things in architecture. Love this house.

taking stock

Taking stock in January 2016

One month into the new year and here’s my first taking stock post – a change from my usual Saturday links. How are you finding 2016?


Making : two great tops that I really love.

Cooking : grain-free bread that is great with avocado. Unfortunately there is now an avocado shortage.

Drinking : Bitter lemon cordial with mineral water.

Reading: F. Scott Fitzgerald and tales of life on the French Riviera in the 20s.

Wanting: resolution

Looking: at houses on the internet.

Playing: Rudimental on Pandora. I know, I’m so 2015..