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JD recently received an email from a customer who was not happy that there had been a “massive cost blowout” on their project.  While the cost of the project was now larger than originally anticipated, this was because there had actually been a “massive scope of works blowout”.  That is, as the job had gone one, they’d asked for more work to be done.

building defects

How to deal with building defects

Yippee! Your renovation or building project is finished and you are ready to start enjoying your new bi-fold doors/bathroom/open-plan kitchen and family room/insert dream project here! Hopefully everything went well and you and the builder are still on good terms (we enjoyed an Australia Day party at a customer-turned-friend’s place this year).


Time for some #realtalk. Building doesn’t always go to plan and sometimes, once the job’s finished there are some defects that need to be rectified. Yeah, that’s a bummer but hey, life isn’t all unicorn meat with sparkle gravy so let’s talk about the best way to deal with building defects and how to get them fixed.

sydney building inspection

What does a building inspector really uncover?

A couple of months ago, my sister bought a new house. It had just been built and she was super-excited about moving in with her two sons. It had plenty of room, a couple of outdoor areas and even a lock-up garage (a rarity in inner Sydney). Being a sensible person, she engaged a building inspector to give the place the once over before she handed over a large wodge of cash (#sydneyrealestate!). He identified a couple of visible defects (a bit of painting that had been missed, a power outlet missing) but basically signed off on it.