Outdoor structures to take your garden to the next level

It’s hard to imagine that only a generation or two ago the typical Australian backyard featured not much more than a lemon tree, a vast expanse of grass and a Hills Hoist in the centre – usually at the end a concrete path coming directly from the laundry. It was unlikely to be accessible directly from the home’s living areas, but was handy for backyard cricket matches.

Oh, how times have changed. Our backyards are now an integral part of the family home and as well as containing swimming pools and landscaping, they are often rooms in their own right with outdoor kitchens and living rooms becoming ever more popular as homeowners look to get the most out of their space and Australia’s generally cooperative weather.

7 lovely links

How’s your week been? I was lucky enough to have a couple of fabulous meals out and am currently visiting family in Tasmania – so much fresh air and good food. Not to mention the joy of staying at Coast House.


Here’s what I’m loving this week.


Wallpaper and fabric heaven. Make sure you look at everything!


Pulled pork in the oven. I’ll be skipping the liquid smoke though.


Has the architect blown your budget? Read this.


Gorgeous pre-fab house in fabulous Palm Springs. Want.